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Do you want to increase your career chances? Do you want best exam results in a foreign language for school? Or do you want to prepare for foreign language certificate tests for university entrance? Maybe you or your child wants to use the summer vacation efficiently and learn a foreign language, as well as get to know another culture?
B2Education- Language & Sports is here to assist you with the points mentioned above. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers and want to help them achieve their goals. But who are we? Why choose B2Education instead of others? Click here to see more.


  • When do courses usually start and usually end?

    In almost all language schools courses usually start on a Monday and end on a Friday. However, please note that you arrive one day before course start and therefore will be at your chosen accommodation on Sunday. 
    Departure from the accommodation will be the day after your course finishes (usually on a Saturday, but in some cases on a Sunday). 

  • What will happen if I cancel my course?

    You can cancel your course at point of time. Please note that the cancellation fees might differ from school to school since each has their own cancellation policy. The amount of fees also depend on the time of cancellation.

    In order to ensure you get the most of your money refunded, we advise you to buy the „Pre-trip cancellation- insurance“ (80 €/trip). Should you purchase this insurance, it will guarantee a full refund of all fees payed in case of sickness, injuries or private family matters before your trip.

    All information and conditions about cancellation can be found in our Terms & Conditions on our website. 

  • Can I still change my course or my accommodation, even though the application has been confirmed?

    Yes, you can change your course and your accommodation after completing the booking. If you change it as early as possible, the school will make the amendment without charging an additional fee. 


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